By Thomas McKinnon 3 September 2008


It adorns every square foot of billboard in Gauteng and it is never off the telly.

Accordingly, the Samsung Soul must have something to it. It doesn’t have a touch screen, it isn’t a smart phone, and it doesn’t offer GPS support. All of which, coincidently, people seem to be looking for in a phone these days. So what does it have?

The Samsung Soul is jam packed with everything you could want from a multi­media experience. With a 5 megapixel camera including all the nifties such as face ­detection and image stabiliser, the phone is an amateur photographer’s delight. It boasts great access speeds with 3G HSDPA and has a decent multimedia library.

The phone has a very sexy slide form factor and is fairly slender. Despite this, it feels more solid than you would expect. That’s because of its chocolaty coloured metal casing.  It may not have a touch screen but it does have an OLED touch pad which replaces the usual hardware d-pad. The touch pad is intuitive, offering functions relevant to the application you are using, and customisable, allowing you to personalise its appearance.

So it’s got quite a bit, really.

The touch pad is customisable allowing you to personalise its appearance. It has room for over 700 messages, every text addicts dream.
Lacks GPS and Wi-Fi and a xenon flash would have been a nice addition.

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