By Kirsty Melville 9 February 2009


The F305 is designed not only to be a phone, but also a mini games console. It comes standard with 11 games including The Sims 2, Bowling, Jewel Quest 2 and Racing Fever not to mention an additional 50 games stored on the 512MB Memory Stick that comes with it.

The F305 has two dedicated gaming buttons to make game play more fun and a short-cut button providing easy access to your games. It also features motion sensor technology which takes gaming to a whole new level as every move you make with the phone results in motion in game. F305 owners can also download a whole lot of free games, ringtones, software, themes and more from Sony Ericsson.

Some of the games have to be played with the phone on its side which makes the gaming buttons convenient, but strangely, other games have to be played with the phone upright rendering the gaming buttons useless. Not many of the games use the motion sensor technology, but those that do are pretty good – just don’t play them in public as people might be confused seeing you bowling or fishing with your phone. The built in speakers are quite impressive and add to the gaming experience.

It\'s easy to forget that the F305’s main function is as a phone and it has all the typical features you would require from a phone plus a few extra. It has a media player, a FM radio with TrackID, a 2megapixel camera that is pretty average and a video recorder that is ideal for recording clips to upload to YouTube.

What really disappointed us about the F305 was the screen. It is a bit on the small side and only has a resolution of 176 x 220pixels. You would think that a phone designed for playing games on would at least have a nice big screen with a resolution of 240 x 320pixels to enhance game play, but no, it doesn’t. Don’t get us wrong, the screen isn’t bad or anything – it is bright and clear – we just expected more.

All things considered, the F305 is a decent phone and will provide hours of gaming entertainment and all the free downloads from Sony Ericsson are a definite bonus.

Lots of games included, motion gaming and good battery life.
No 3G, a low quality display and poor camera.

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