By Andrew Gould 7 January 2009


The Nokia 5320 XpressMusic is not a slide phone or worse, a flip-phone; what we are dealing with here is a device that really doesn’t come with a huge amount of pointless hype or features, like some of the more recent Nokia models.

The 5320 XpressMusic has the same basic keypad layout as most of the bar-shaped Nokia models, except for the main-menu button, which is now placed directly below the left operation button. Whose idea was that? Every time you type a ­message or use the contacts list you have to be ultra-­careful not to push the main menu key, which you ­inevitably do.

On the bright side, the 5320 is packed with features and has a great music player. We must give credit to Nokia (and others) for dispensing with propriety ­earphone connectors and opting, instead, for the standard mini-jack variety. For a music phone we would have liked to see more than the usual 1GB micro-SD card. The new iPod Nano has 8GB of storage, 1GB just will not do.

The 5320 also features a dedicated N-Gage key for gaming and the ­keyboard is laid-out to help you with gameplay, that you can play on the 2.0” TFT ­display.

It is very lightweight, boasts HSDPA speeds and has 140 MB of internal memory.
The main-menu button is placed poorly, the camera is average and the battery life is terrible.

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