By Kirsty Melville 23 January 2009


With the new Sony Ericsson it’s all about the music and sharing it. You can share your music through the built-in stereo speakers, which we must say are quite impressive, or let a friend listen in from an additional headset via the stereo share jack.

The W595’s Walkman 3.0 music player is top-notch with a clear, user friendly interface. It features shake control that enables you to change any track that is playing through the flick of a wrist. The W595 also has an FM radio that can record a few seconds of a track and then return that track’s title, artist and album to your phone in seconds thanks to its TrackID feature.

The phone has a very limited built-in memory of 40 MB, but it does come with a 2GB memory card (which Sony Ericsson seems to think can hold up to 1900 tracks). The W595 is being billed as the YouTube phone, because it’s set up to shoot and upload video direct to YouTube quickly and easily and you can upload video footage onto your own personal blog site which comes with the phone.

The W595 is a really good size at 100 X 47 x 14 mm and weighs only 104g which makes it comfortable to hold. Its 2.2" TFT LCD screen is also large and bright and sports an accelerometer, so when you’re watching videos or viewing pictures, you can turn the phone on its side, and the video or image rotates to fill the screen.

Overall we thought it was a great phone but we can’t understand why Sony Ericsson would give it such a useless battery cover which takes about 10 minutes to open because it is so flimsy and it feels like the clasps are going to snap.

If you enjoy music on the go and having a camera handy, but can’t be bothered carting several different devices about, then this is the phone for the job.

The W595 offers good sound quality and decent camera.
It has no camera flash and the phone lacks a 3.5 mm jack.

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