By Robin-Leigh Chetty 24 November 2017


Huawei's latest Mate flagship inches towards greatness with enviable specs and an intriguing processor. The only shortcoming is an irksome user interface in an otherwise solid device.
Solid and simple design; Superb camera; High powered processor
Back cover slippery; Irksome UI; Expensive
There's much to love about the Huawei Mate 10 Pro. It has a clean design, high powered processor and one of the best smartphone cameras on the market at the moment. All of that doesn't come cheap though, with the 64 GB model costing a recommended R17 999. More than just a couple sheckles, the Mate 10 Pro will set you back, but carries the capacity to remain a premium device for the next three to four years. As such, for consumers looking to make an investment in a large phone, the Mate 10 Pro is well worth

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