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As we enter Q2 of 2016, it is the Android smartphone manufacturers that have set the early pace as far as mobile goes. Samsung, LG and Huawei have all debuted new flagship devices, each with their own specific focus. One of the last smartphone makers to debut a new device for 2016 will be Taiwan's HTC. 

The company has been focusing on its VR efforts of late, epitomised by a dedicated booth for the Vive headset at MWC 2016. While their outlook for VR is very positive, the mobile side of things has taken a serious dip, heaping more pressure on the upcoming HTC 10. Below, we detail five things the HTC 10 needs in order to be a hit. 

1. New design aesthetic

We loved the design of HTC's unibody One (M8) (review). The follow-up One M9 (review) looked too similar though, and for a lot of people, given the strides Samsung made with their Galaxy S6 at the time (which debuted on the same day at MWC in 2015), the device didn't feel like a step forward. To counter that perception, HTC needs to go all in as far as design goes.

We are well aware of what the company can do when they put their mind to it, and now is the perfect time to debut an altogether unique looking flagship. Being one of the first Android smartphone makers to embrace an aluminium design, perhaps this new model could benefit from some different materials, offering something different from the LG G5, Galaxy S7 and Huawei P9. 

2. Better all-round camera

HTC's track record with cameras has been a tad hit and miss. On the One (M8), they went the Ultra Pixel route. For the One M9 they reverted to a conventional megapixel setup. According to rumours, this latest version will once again embrace Ultra Pixel as its camera setup of choice.

While the previous two models performed well outdoors, their low light shooting was sub-par, often yielding images that were far darker than normal. Added to this was a relatively slow autofocus and shutter time. As such, the camera integrated into the HTC 10 needs to address these issues, especially as all the Android flagships which debuted this year placed a heavy emphasis on camera performance.   

3. Go with a 4K screen

HTC has never been found wanting in the display departments, producing flagship offerings with crisp, clear and sharp screens. We expect the HTC 10 to be no different, but to truly push things, a 4K (3840x2160) display, as seen in the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium, is required.

The HTC 10 is believed to sport 5.2" of real estate, making it well sized for media viewing and gaming. Having a 4K compatible screen up its sleeves to support such high-res content would certainly be a welcome addition, and something that many competitors cannot tout at the moment.   

4. Add more accessories

One of the standout accessories for the One (M8) was its Dot View case. Apart from offering protection for your newly purchased device, it also provided a great way of receiving and making calls, as well as looking up essential phone info without having to unlock the device.

While LG and Samsung have opted for always-on screens, the Dot View case is a far more intriguing way of engaging with smartphone content. To that end, we'd love to see more ingenious accessories of its ilk arrive when the HTC10 does, particularly ones that work hands-free.   

5. Launch it quickly

Timing is everything. As Samsung and LG have shown, you cannot waste anytime in bringing your newly unveiled flagship device to the masses. While the market release date for the HTC 10 is unknown, having it be more than four weeks after the official unveiling would mean it quickly becomes forgotten.

As such, if HTC can get their timing right, and launch the device in multiple territories within the same window, it could go a long way in upping the company's profile, especially here in South Africa, where their presence has wavered in recent years. 

Watch this space

The HTC 10 is set to debut tomorrow at 14:00 PM (CAT), but a leaked video has already surfaced detailing what the device will look like, as well as its new name. Whether or not this is official is up for debate, but all indications point to it being spot on. Hit play on the video after the break before it get taken down.  

For the official details on HTC's new offering, we'll be tweeting about it during HTC's livestream. Follow us at @TechSmartMag to stay in the know about the #powerof10.


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