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If you are looking to start your Friday on a good note, here’s some good news. Acer has announced the commencement of monitor production in South Africa.

At a recent media event, Glenn du Toit, Acer Africa’s Country Manager noted the company’s commitment to South Africa while challenging other PC manufacturers to also “step-up”.

Acer’s monitor factory is located in Boksburg, Gauteng, and has created 35 local jobs producing consumer, commercial and gaming monitors. Du Toit notes, “Our competition isn’t just other monitor manufacturers; it’s the war in support of technology literacy. As laptop computers become more and more compact, even at the entry price points, monitors play a crucial role in enabling individuals to have a larger, often better quality and even more healthy experience in their home or office.”

The following Acer monitors are set to be produced in South Africa:

Consumer monitors: Acer’s range of consumer monitors, including 24-inch and 27-inch 100Hz IPS monitors, is set to launch in August 2024. These monitors combine sleek design, superior performance, and affordability.

Commercial monitors: The commercial range will follow, with production slated for September 2024. Businesses and professionals can expect the same quality and reliability that Acer is renowned for.

Gaming monitors: This will be in the final phase of Acer’s local assembly plans and will feature 27-inch 180Hz monitors.

Asked if the local production of Acer monitors will carry a reduced price tag for the end-consumer, Du Toit responded, “Monitors vary, and Acer stands out by offering significant savings on comparable models, enabling us to provide added value such as 100Hz IPS panels with a three-year exchange warranty. This means you get a superior product and exceptional value for money, often at prices that match or beat our competitors."

Retail and channel partners rally behind Acer

According to Acer, this initiative has garnered overwhelming support from national retailers and channel partners. “Supporting the South African local economy seems to resonate well with our partners, it really bodes well for the future,” Du Toit said. The company believes, as one of the only global PC brands embarking on such a project in South Africa, the enthusiasm displayed by retailers in allocating floor space for Acer’s monitors exceeded all expectations.

Warranty and quality assurance

All Acer monitors produced locally will carry a three-year warranty, ensuring peace of mind for consumers and businesses alike. Acer’s stringent quality control measures guarantee reliable performance and longevity.

TechSmart is looking forward to the launch of the first locally produced Acer monitors come August 2024.


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