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Modding remains of the last true great pleasures for any avid PC gamer, but appears that the joy of modding is being compromised by two new mods for GTA V. According to the GTA Forum, the two mods in question - Angry Planes and No Clip - are believed to contain a keylogger called Fade.exe. As such, non-gaming and private information could be stolen from PC gamers without their knowledge. The GTA Forum has begun a thread in order to help gamers affected, offering up not only advice on how to deal with the virus, but also any other anomalies that gamers should be on the look out for.  

The GTA Forum warns gamers that have used either the Angry Planes or No Clip mods, to not simply rely on their native Anti-Virus software, as the keylogger malware may have surreptitiously deleted itself before being removed by the Anti-Virus software. As such, gamers are urged to check their temp folders and look for any suspicious looking files, namely ones titled .z and init..exe, which may have only cropped up recently.

While the GTA Forum confirms that this method of removal is not foolproof, they have warned gamers to remain vigilant when using mods, lest they be the victim of unwanted malware. For those non-modders out there, check out the Angry Planes mod in the video below, courtesy of YouTube user GTA Modding.


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