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By now, news of Apple's Spotify and Tidal-rivalling music streaming and playlist aggregating app, Apple Music, would have hit everyone's ears. The new music service was announced at Apple's WWDC event two weeks ago, and for the most part received a positive response from musicians and users alike.

To push Apple Music's initial adoption, the company will be making all music streamed during the first three months of a user's signing up free, with a few provisos of course. Some artists however are less enamoured with this deal, as it meant that artists would receive no form of payment from Apple during the trail. Most vocal of which is Taylor Swift, who recently penned an open letter to Apple via Tumblr titled, To Apple, Love Taylor.

In it, Swift stated that, "three months is a long time to go unpaid, and it is unfair to ask anyone to work for nothing. I say this with love, reverence, and admiration for everything else Apple has done." Some may remember that Swift had a similar concern with Spotify, citing the fact that she did not receive the correct portion of royalties that she believed she was owed for her music.

Now it appears as if Apple has heeded Ms. Swift's "advice", with the company's head of media, Eddie Cue, confirming via Twitter that Apple Music will pay all artists during the free trial period.


Since Cue confirmed Apple Music's new plans, Recode got in contact with him to find out the finer details. According to Recode, the change in policy by Apple was not solely down to Swift, but also the concerns voiced by Indie music labels. Cue also stated that the payments that artists receive during the three month trial period (per stream basis) will be less than the amount they'll receive when Apple Music users become fully fledged subscribers after the trial.

Following all this, Swift took to Twitter herself to "thank" Apple, but there is still no word on whether she will in fact put her catalogue of music on the service.


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