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For a few years now, Apple’s had one foot in and out of the water when it came to self-driving cars. Now it appears as if the company is pushing full steam ahead with the project, and its new Infinite Loop campus will serve as the possible testing ground.

In a report from The New York Times, Apple is said to be working on a self-driving shuttle that would ferry employees from Palo Alto in California to the Infinite Loop campus.

The catchy name for this reported project is ‘PAIL’ (Palo Alto to Infinite Loop). Given that Lexus SUVs have been spotted in and around Silicon Valley in recent months, supposedly powered by Apple self-driving car software, such a project would certainly not be out of reach for the company.  

As for what this means for Project Titan, the name given to Apple’s previous self-driving car project, is unclear for now. With companies like Waymo, Google and Tesla all focusing their efforts on the smaller vehicle field, Apple hedging its bets on larger-scale autonomous transport could prove fruitful.

At this stage, much of this is conjecture, so we’ll have to wait for Apple to make an official announcement on its aims for self-driving technology.


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