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By now, its well documented that Apple is looking to expand its reach beyond personal computing and music, with the much hyped ‘iWatch’ being rumoured for many months now. Apple CEO Tim Cook, hinted in an interview with NBC News’ Brian Williams in December 2012 that the Apple had plans of branching into new areas, with most pundits predicting an HD ‘iTV’ in the not too distant future.

It is now being reported that Apple has designs on expanding beyond the living room, with sources at the San Francisco Chronicle detailing future plans of entering cardiac monitor and electric car fields.

The most tangible development at this stage sees Apple exploring the application of its technology in medical devices. More specifically with sensor technology, as a team lead by Tomlinson Holman (a renowned audio engineer who designed THX and 10.2 surround sound), utilising audio technology to study the sound made by blood flow prior to and during a heart attack. The team is currently researching methods to accurately measure the sound of blood ’turbulence’ as it passes through an artery containing plaque. This could essentially mean that patients could have a Apple designed device with the ability to predict when a heart attack may strike.

What could prove more interesting is reported rumours of Apple looking to diversify into the electric car field. Reports state Adrian Perica, Apple Chief of Mergers and Acquisitions, has had several meetings with Telsa CEO Elon Musk in March 2013. Some rumours suggest Apple acquiring the electric car manufacturer and a ‘iCar’ rolling out of Cupertino.

If this is true, Apple’s product portfolio should prove exciting viewing over the coming months and years. Nevertheless, we trust the tech giant will not remain stagnant for long and eagerly await its next game changer.


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