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The annual DICE summit (a conference for game designers and developers) was held this week in Las Vegas, Nevada. The event wrapped up yesterday, with one intriguing bit of news from developers Bethesda. The company is not simply basking in the success of Fallout 4, but rather detailed what is in the pipeline for coming years.

During the company's talks at DICE, one of their head designers, Todd Howard, teased information about three titles that the studio has been working on to Polygon. "We actually have three longer-term projects that are all - we'll talk about them at a much future date - they're different from anything we've done before while also being a Bethesda style game: big and crazy," said Howard. Adding, "but in many ways different from what we've done before."

While information about the three titles is cryptic at best, we believe it does hint at a few possibilities. One, is that we will not be seeing any Fallout or Skyrim sequels in the foreseeable future, as the studio aims to expand on an already impressive portfolio of games. Secondly, it could adopt a different tactic in terms of gameplay for one, if not all of these new titles, which could see Bethesda move away from the success of its FPS and Third-Person perspective.

While these three new titles are still some time away from being fully detailed, with E3 fast approaching (June 14-16), some information might just emerge there.


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