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We're now only a couple more days away from the Frankfurt Motor Show. The week long event promises to play host to a number of new car reveals, with the German manufacturers leading the charge. One of them will be BMW, and the Bavarian carmaker has wasted little time in already previewing some of the vehicles that will be on display. 

This brings us to the X7 iPerformance, an SUV concept the company says ups the level of luxury in almost every regard. Starting off with design, the X7 iPerformance looks like it's been carved out of a piece of granite, with hard angular lines and an imposing front end. The bonnet is also long and sweeping, making the X7 look far bigger than the X5's and X6's we've seen on the roads in the past. While the X7 is a concept, we can certainly see its design influence spread to future vehicles in the X-series.  

As far as power is concerned, the X7 iPerformance is housing a hybrid system, with the company's eDrive technology merging with a TwinPower Turbo engine. BMW has not gone into detail in terms of what kilowatts it produces, or indeed its top speed or 0-100 km/h time, but has noted that it has zero local emissions. As such, the X7 iPerformance is part of a new breed of hybrid SUVs. 

Whether or not this concept makes it onto the road in an official capacity remains to be seen, which means we'll have to wait for word from BMW in Frankfurt later this week. In the meantime, give the video below a watch, and after that check on the Concept 8 Series as well.



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