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For many, getting that first cup of coffee is good enough motivation to get out of bed. In fact, in some cases it can be the only reason. How about an alarm clock then that raises you with a fresh cup of Joe?

That’s exactly the premise behind the Barisieur Coffee & Tea Alarm Clock. To get this caffeinated alarm clock will set you back a respectable R6 100, but if that gets you up in the morning, that is money well spent.

Designed by Brit Joshua Renouf, this alarm clock was an initial Kickstarter project, but is now fully operational. It raised £383,623 with 1186 backers in June 2016 after it looked like the project might not make it. Luckily a successful meeting with none other than Richard Branson dragged the project over the line with minutes to spare.

So how does it work? You set the alarm on the side of the Barisieur, allowing you to either have a brew ready when the alarm goes off, or to only start brewing then. The water boils via induction, dripping through the coffee filter. There’s a storage drawer for your coffee rind, and a little container for milk that is kept cool overnight.

Meant to go on your bedside table and sitting on a walnut timber tray, the Barisieur also contains a USB charging port for your phone. The only problem we can see with the device, is that it delivers only one cup at a time, which means one half of a couple misses out at the start.

The Barisieur is available in either a black or white version and sells for £349 on their website.


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