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Bose has been in the business of manufacturing noise-cancelling headphones for some time, with their QuietComfort offerings being the standout. Now the company has updated that specific headphone for 2016 with wireless functionality and a feature it dubs Acoustic Noise Cancellation. As such, this makes the Bose QC35's very tempting indeed. 

The QC35's are similar in look to their predecessor, the QC25's, and will be available in either a silver with black trim colour scheme or all-black version (our personal favourite). The real difference here comes with a number of function buttons on the left ear cup, used for wireless operation. Added to this, is the Acoustic Noise Cancelling, which is an enhanced version of Active Noise Cancelling, according to Bose. 

The system uses a combination of built-in microphones and a digital chip that reads, recognises and blocks any external noises it picks up. Furthermore, the QC35's deliver a reported 20 hours of battery life when used wirelessly via Bluetooth, but this is doubled (40 hours) when users plug their 3.5 mm headphone jack into their media player of choice.   

The QC35's are currently up on Bose's US site for $349.95, but sadly there is no word on when they'll arrive in South Africa. Should these new offerings perform as well as Bang & Olufsen's BeoPlay H8's, we could just have found our new go-to headphones for travelling.


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