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It's been a long running joke that the robots designed by Boston Dynamics will be part of the machine uprising. While we've noted how awesome and terrifying some of their feats are, this latest improvement in the functionality might be the scariest yet.

To that end, Boston Dynamics has released a set of videos showcasing their anthropomorphic Atlas and four-legged SpotMini robots.

The former is shown running at a fairly solid jogging pace, along with stopping at a log obstructing its path and then jumping over it. As such it proves that the Atlas can do more than just flips now, and should the robots want to hunt down humans for sport, they'll easily be able to track us down.

The SpotMini is equally as impressive and frightening, having recently been able to open a door, and now navigating autonomously. It's able to walk through corridors and avoid objects, as well as make its way and down staircases. The SpotMini does so by referencing a digital map of the area it is trying to navigate, as well as use sensors to negotiate its immediate surrounding.   


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