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In the final part of his participation in our Canon Series, we asked wildlife photographer, Grant Atkinson to identify that one NB piece of gear that never leaves his camera bag.

Grant Atkinson: The Canon EOS 5D III body has been a fantastic piece of gear for me.  My wife and I now own three of these great cameras. These have been ultra-reliable and offer a fantastic blend of accurate autofocus, good resolution, good low-light performance and overall high image quality. Battery life, ease of operation and durability, along with light weight for travel make them essential inhabitants of my gear bag.  

TechSmart: Is there a cheap piece of equipment/tool/solution (i.e. duct tape, reflectors) that you use on a regular basis? 

Grant Atkinson: For a cheap piece of equipment that helps me a lot in the field, I make sure to fit lens plates to my telephoto lens tripod feet. The lens plates make the foot a bit longer, and allow me to rest the lens plate more comfortably on my hand. I can also rest the plates on metal surfaces that might otherwise scratch my lens tripod foot when using them for support.  It also makes the foot more comfortable to use as a handle to carry the camera and lens around.

For more of Atkinson’s work, please visit his website.

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