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While capturing an awesome photograph can come down to being at the right place at the right time, for aviation photographer, Justin de Reuck it boiled down to careful planning and precision. He tells us the behind-the-scenes story of one of his most memorable photos.

Justin de Reuck

Justin de Reuck: It’s hard to pick a favourite but a recent shot springs to mind immediately. The shot is of four Pitts Special aircraft from Team Torre Aerobatics. I was contracted to do a shoot for the team but they wanted something different, not the usual echelon formation shots always seen of Pitts Specials.

I came up with this idea but wasn’t sure if it would work in the air as I had it pictured in my head. After a briefing with the all the pilots involved and discussing the practicality of pulling off such an idea, we went out and flew the shot. The challenge was to get all four aircraft in the frame where I needed them, get the light in the right spot and make sure one aircraft’s smoke didn’t blot out another one, then on top of all that making sure the background was to my satisfaction.

Find more of Justin’s photography over at his website.


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