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It's said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but getting the nutritional balance of said meal right can always prove tricky. To that end, the same company that designed the Soylent meal replacement drink has debuted a new product called Coffiest. As you can likely guage from the name, this meal replacement features an added boost of caffeine to give its drinkers that extra perk in the morning.

Soylent says Coffiest is designed from the "ground up," and it's designed to deliver all the "vitamins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates, and protein that the body needs." According to Soylent, each bottle of Coffiest is said to contain 20% of all the recommended vitamins and minerals required daily, as well as 400 calories per drink. It also has 75 mg of L-theanine (derived from tea leaves), which is designed to "promote relaxation without drowsiness," says Soylent. 

Whether or not this meal replacement can indeed prove a healthy alternative to cooking a proper breakfast remains to be seen, but for those aiming to take their meals on the go, Coffiest is only available for purchase in the US and Canada for now. 

Coffiest is sold in batches of 12. As such, one person requiring Coffiest for a month will have to pay roughly $111.15 (R1 488) for 36 bottles. 



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