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In recent months, Capcom has detailing its roster of characters for Street Fighter V. We've had some fan favourites like Ken Masters (newly-styled), as well as newbie Necalli getting their time to shine. Now, Capcom has delved deep into the archives to bring Rainbow Mika to Street Fighter V. Described as a "7-Coloured Bomber," whatever that is, Rainbow Mika might be unfamiliar with many Street Fighter fans, as she only ever appeared in Street Fighter Alpha 3.

This then is Rainbow Mika's second appearance in the Street Fighter franchise, donning a Luchadore-esque persona, and an outfit that could be describe as minimal. Fanservice stylings aside, Rainbow Mika looks a pretty able fighter in the reveal video below, utilising quite a few suplexes and throws in her attacks, and mimicking Zangief's fighting style in a lot of ways.  

Be a flamboyant wrestler, Mika's signature V-Skill involves doing a monologue to the crowd. The longer gamers can hold the monologue, the more potent her regular attacks become. As for the V-Trigger, it's called Nadeshiko, and involves her wrestling tag-team partner in completing a few dropkicks and body splashes. 

While Rainbow Mika's not our favourite character reveal to date, there is no doubt that the roster for Street Fighter V will be diverse.       


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