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If you are a fan of the Darksiders franchise, then there is some good news. Not only have the publishers, THQ Nordic (formerly Nordic Games), confirmed its release date – 27 November – but they have also added a new trailer of the impending game.

Players will either be able to pick up the title on its own, or a deluxe edition, that will include an armour skin for Fury (the next horseman to feature in Darksiders 3 since 2012's Darksiders 2), as well as access to two paid pieces of  DLC that will be made available sometime in the future.

For those who are really dedicated to the franchise, or with money to spend and an opening on their collectibles shelf, there are some details of a collectors and legendary edition, which will include a statue of Fury, or statues of Fury,  Death and War. There is no word yet though on whether the latter will make it to local shores.

The story behind the title is a bit of a triumph against the odds. It’s a franchise that almost died a sudden death in 2013 when its initial publishers, THQ filed for bankruptcy, leaving the fate of some top notch franchises up in the air, and leading to the closure of Vigil Games, which developed the first two entries.

Thankfully though, Darksiders was bought by its current publisher THQ Nordic. Furthermore, most of the team that worked on the first two titles joined a new studio, Gunmetal Games, which developed Darksiders 3. Judging by the trailers though, the franchise is fighting fit, and happily, still set to arrive before the year is over.

You can take a look at the videos below to see Fury in action, as well as the details of the collectors’ and legendary edition versions of the game.


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