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Dual screen tablets, first hinted at in the long buried Microsoft Courier, may be on path to being resurrected. Spearheaded by Intel, its Tiger Rapids prototype garnered all the right kind of attention at the recent Computex.

The device is a 7.9 inch tablet that sports a full HD screen on the left, and an e-ink screen on the right, with a hinge in the centre joining the two parts. Apparently it is aimed at compelling manufacturers to create the electronic/e-ink version of the Moleskin journal that we have always wanted but never knew we needed.

Where it does differ from other 8” tablets though, is in its high end power, with the prototype version running a 7th generation Intel processor and an SSD drive. According to Intel, it also offers with a battery life that will rival many smartphones, of up to 15 hours (five hours more than the similarly sized iPad Mini 4).

According to PCWorld, which first reported on the device from Computex, the idea behind its conception is to blend two worlds – digital and inking. This ambition is reflected in the device itself, with users being able to write on the e-ink screen and then transfer their notes to OneNote for digital sharing.

While users won’t get a chance to own this particular prototype, apparently there is already interest from Lenovo and Asus to create their own versions based on it. In the meantime, the video below from Engadget shows what the prototype looks like, and how the future of tablets/portable PCs may unfold.


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