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Nintendo was one of the final game developers to take the stage at E3 2016 last night, with their nearly seven hour long Treehouse event. While many were expecting news about the much rumoured NX console, it was sadly nowhere to be seen. Instead, we received an in-depth look at the company's biggest title of the year - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The "Introduction" trailer above looks superb, with a mix of cell shaded and painted animation which looks similar to that of The Last Guardian. It also appears to be an open-world, and if true, could be exactly what Zelda fans have been waiting for. Furthermore, this version of Link (sadly not female as fans might have hoped) will be fully engrossed in the world of Hyrule. To that end, hunting and gathering, as well as fending for yourself aside from simply fighting, will form a significant part of the gameplay. 

For an even deeper look at the exploration aspects of The Legend of Zelda, Nintendo's Treehouse at E3 sits down with developers and insiders for more information on the newer elements of the game. The videos are a tad long at 25 minutes each, but certainly showcase how the environment, controls and design all meld together.  


As far as a release date goes, nothing official has been touted, but 2017 is a strong likelihood. The game will first be launched on the Wii U, and then the NX console thereafter. Breath of the Wild looks superb now, and if the hi-res graphics capability of the NX is to be believed, it could look even better.


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