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E3 2016 gets underway next week and will bring with a plethora of games to salivate over. Some will debut later this year and others will only be available 12 months from now, but there are a handful that are definitely more intriguing than others. Here we list some of the titles we can't wait to be further detailed at E3. 

The Legend of Zelda

This is easily Nintendo's biggest title at E3 this year. While the Japanese company has remained relatively mum on the next-gen NX console, it has been drip feeding us information about the new Legend of Zelda, which will arrive on the much maligned Wii U. It will also port to the NX, but how different the two versions of the game will be, remains to be seen.

With Link being one of Nintendo's most iconic characters, alongside Mario if course, The Legend of Zelda is drumming up quite a bit of fanfare as it is said to be a truly open-world game. We for one, hope it can truly deliver on that promise.  

Battlefield 1

One of the better announcement trailers we've seen of late, EA unveiled Battlefield 1 with a bang, complete with The White Stripes' Seven Nation Army to match. Unlike some FPS franchises, Battlefield 1 heads back to World War I, but does not look like it's going to be historically accurate. 

Instead, the game is likely to be a reimagining of sorts, and precisely who the bad guys are in this one is unknown. What we know, however, is that if the actual gameplay is anything as good as the trailer, Battlefield 1 could be a real winner in 2016. 

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Arguably the best title in the Final Fantasy franchise, when fans found out Square Enix was doing a remastered version last year, it quickly became RPG gamers’ must play title. That has not changed 12 months later, as Final Fantasy VII Remake is as hotly anticipated as ever. 

While a release date still remains hard to pin down, our hope is that more info will be forthcoming after Sony's PlayStation press conference on Day 2 of E3.

The Last Guardian

One of those games that we never thought would happen after being "in-development" since 2007, The Last Guardian has been a long time coming. Not wanting to jinx things though, the game has not been officially dated for release, but it is believed to be sometime this year. 

We saw some gameplay arrive late last year at PlayStation's E3 event, which looked promising indeed. Now the developers need to sort out last minute niggles and get the game into the hands of PS4 gamers as soon as possible. For a reminder of why so many are anxiously awaiting The Last Guardian, watch the video below. 


Gears of War 4

When Microsoft wanted to make its mark by declaring the biggest roster of games it's done for the Xbox One last year, one of the titles leading the charge was Gears of War 4. Along with announcing its arrival, we received a solid five minutes of gameplay, which looked supremely enjoyable on the next-gen console. 

Now, we expect to have an even deeper look at the latest edition in the franchise that many early Xbox 360 adopters purchased the console for. Whether this fourth iteration can prove as memorable as its predecessors, well, we will have to wait until early next week to see. Our guess is that it will, which is why we can't wait for its October-slated release.  

Horizon Zero Dawn

One of the more interesting titles we saw debut last year at E3 was Horizon Zero Dawn, mixing together the future and past, along with an engaging female protagonist to show lots of early promise. Whether developers Guerilla Games can capitalise on the early buzz surrounding the game should make for interesting event on Day 2 of E3. 

The game's release date is still some way off, February 2017, but we're hoping this year's E3 will see even more gameplay footage and details emerge. For a refresher of what Horizon Zero Dawn is about, hit play on the recently released Journey trailer below. 

Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs, or the poor man's Grand Theft Auto for some, was a game that could have been great, but fell a little short of expectations. It did, however, sell well enough for developers Ubisoft to make another one. Aptly titled Watch Dogs 2, this time round the action heads to San Francisco and Silicon Valley in particular. 

How the hacker mythos of the first game will blend into the world of Zuckerberg and Co. is hard to gauge for now. That said, the E3 2016 reveal trailer, seen after the break, looks quite good. Maybe this second outing can prove more fruitful. 


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