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While the future of Tesla's electric semi truck is still up in the air given the current lawsuit filed against the company, there are still other vehicles in the pipeline. One set to hit the factory floor in 2020 is the Model Y, which is Tesla's upcoming crossover offering. 

At this stage it's unclear what the car will actually look like, and whether it will be larger or smaller than the Model X, but Tesla's Elon Musk has some pretty weighty expectations for the car.

According to The Verge, during a recent investor call, Musk noted that the Model Y will be a 'manufacturing revolution'. What that precisely entails is unknown, especially with Tesla struggling to deliver its projected volumes of the Model 3 due to delays at its assembly plants and Gigafactory. 

As such, the revolution that Musk alludes to could have to do with the battery architecture for the Model Y. Musk has stated previously that the company would be looking to forego the 12-volt battery architecture it has employed in the past, which could reduce the length of the production process by lessening the amount of electric wiring used during production. 

With more Tesla cars being cranked out over the coming years, one can only hope that the company will soon be able to bring them to our shores.


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