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At its F8 conferences, Facebook has not only been focused on software for its platform, but also placed an emphasis on hardware. In past years, they've announced several devices aimed at creators, such as its wild looking 360-degree Surround camera. Content creation is front of mind this time round as well, with Facebook announcing that it will be partnering with RED to manufacture a high-end VR camera.

The latter is well known for its 4K and 8K offerings, and are often the choice for smaller creators wanting to significantly improve the quality of their videos. To that end, Facebook noted that it will be recommending this upcoming device to those who wish to make high-fidelity content for the social media platform.

At this stage, there is no concept or rendered imagery to speak of, with the announcement the only thing to go on for now. Also unknown is when the VR camera will be seeing the light of day, or indeed how much prosumers will be looking to pay for it. Given that RED cameras start around the $5 000 mark and top out at around $80k for their latest 8K offering, the VR camera will not be on the cheap side.

As such, we may have to wait until next year's F8 conference to see what Facebook and RED's collaboration yields.


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