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We've been tracking Netflix's new Marvel series Jessica Jones for the past few months now, particularly given the success of Daredevil. With its debut slated for 20 November, what seems to the final trailer has landed online courtesy of Netflix. In recent weeks, previous trailers have been a little more tongue and cheek, but this one turns the tension up to 10.  

We get to see Jessica (played by Krysten Ritter) going about her new vocation as a private investigator in Hell's Kitchen (also Daredevil’s turf), all while trying to deal with some demons from her past.    

Those familiar with Jessica Jones' story in the Marvel universe will know that she is one of the more tortured characters, struggling with the gravitas of her powers (flight, super strength, physical durability). As such, watching this play out onscreen could make for great viewing.  Also plaguing her is the Purple Man (portrayed by former Dr. Who’s David Tennant), a maniacal mutant with the power to control people's minds, essentially making him a sinister version of Professor X. Joining these two is Luke Cage (embodied by Luke Colter), creating a very weird love triangle.

With Netflix now bringing a number of Hell's Kitchen Marvel characters to the fore, the stage seems to be set for that much talked about Defenders series. Until that comes to fruition, click on both full length Jessica Jones trailers below.


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