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There were several big announcements made at Google I/O this year, but one of the most significant was Daydream, the company's new virtual reality platform. Ever since its initial debut, Google has had Daydream in beta mode, readying it for release to developers to start tinkering with it. That day has come, as Google recently announced Daydream's graduation from beta and availability as a fully fledged SDK - Google VR SDK 1.0 to be more precise.

Product manager for Google VR, Nathan Martz, said in a blog post that, "our updated SDK simplifies common VR development tasks so you can focus on building immersive, interactive mobile VR applications for Daydream-ready phones and headsets, and supports integrated asynchronous reprojection, high fidelity spatialised audio, and interactions using the Daydream controller."

Furthermore, Martz also noted a partnership with the Unity and Unreal game engines, which should mean that along with VR-based applications, Daydream developers will also be creating content for gamers on this platform.

While Daydream will require the use of compatible smartphones and phablets, which are set to arrive later this year according to Google (likely to include the two Pixel devices), the company has encouraged developers to begin creating, as well as share open applications on the Daydream Access Program.


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