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At this year's Gamescom 2016, currently underway, Microsoft are not having their traditional big budget event. Instead, the company has been releasing trailers for exclusive titles it plans to debut on its consoles in forthcoming months. None of these are more anticipated than Gears of War 4, part of a post apocalyptic shooter franchise that's made the Xbox 360 and Xbox One favourites among console gamers. 

It has been a little over one year since the game was first announced, with its 11 October release date (Xbox One, One S and Windows PC) highly anticipated. Until now, we've seen gameplay footage in various guises, but this latest video is one of the most detailed yet. Lasting ten plus minutes, it sees protagonists JD, Kait and Del make their way through the "Rescue" chapter of the game, as well as serving up 4K (2160p) viewing quality.

According to the video description, 4K is delivered via a Windows 10 PC running an NVIDIA GTX 1080 GPU. As expected it looks superb, and is best enjoyed at 2160p, if your bandwidth can handle it.     

Gears of War 4 lands on 11 October, but there is some incentive to pre-order the Ultimate Edition, with gamers receiving it four days earlier on 7 October. Press play on the video below and enjoy. 


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