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Grand Theft Auto Online announced as part of GTA V

Rockstar have just made many Grand Theft Auto (GTA) fan’s dream come true, announcing that GTA V will boast an online massive multiplayer component. The online mode, which will be available from October, will allow players to cooperatively wreck havoc in Los Santos, including forming a crew to tackle heists or rob liquor stores (yes, really) and thus earn money and reputation.

With the online component, the developers aim to ensure that GTA V’s will also offer a “persistent and expanding living world” for one and many players to immerse themselves in. In between racing fast cars, piloting planes and tackling missions, players will also be able to engage in unstructured activities, including playing golf, tennis and indulging in parachuting, because even criminals need some R&R.

Most excitingly, Rockstar have promised that they will constantly develop new content for the game, in the unlikely event that you get tempted to swap your game disc with something else at some point.

Bump the trailer below for more.  

PES 2014 dribbles its way onto the PR stage

EA has delivered an entire series of teaser trailers for the upcoming FIFA 14 over the last few of weeks, and Konami is finally responding in kind with another peek of the gameplay action within Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2014. PES 2014 leaves the development tunnel and make its way onto the virtual pitch next month, when it launches for the PlayStation 3, Windows PC, and Xbox 360.

In the latest tutorial video (posted below) Konami showcases the effect of the novel “Heart” feature, revealing how motivation will be playing a key role within PES 2014, making the difference in finding the back of the net or hiding your head in shame.


WRC 4 speeding down gravel

The latest title in the WRC FIA World Rally Championship series - WRC 4 - races onto the PS3, Xbox 360, Windows PC, and PS Vita in October. Milestone has provided a glimpse of the mud-splattering and drifting-on-snow action players can look forward to this week courtesy of a gameplay trailer (posted below).

This video showcases the rallying prowess of the 2013 Citroën DS3, which is driven by Mikko Hirvonen and Sébastien Loeb in the 2013 season, as well as footage of this car racing on the Sweden rallying stage.

Dishonored’s Brigmore Witches DLC now available

Dishonored’s last bit of DLC that tells Daud’s story, The Brigmore Witches, is now available. To mark the conclusion of the two part DLC story arc, a new Brigmore Witches launch trailer has been revealed, tempting and coaxing players back to Dishonored’s (review) gruesome and strangely beautiful world

The next piece of DLC carries forth from where The Knife of Dunwall left off, and, judging by the trailer below, has Daud agonizing over where this dark path has led him. That doesn’t stop him, of course from getting stab-happy and slicing and dicing more frequently than a MasterChef on acid.

It may be too late for Daud to go back to school to change his profession, but, if you haven’t been hooked by the DLC storyline yet, it’s not too late to catch up. Take a look at the trailer below to see why you should. At present the DLC costs $10 (R95 on the PlayStation Store).

Stealthily hoist the Jolly Roger

Over the past few week’s we’ve seen a number of videos detailing the beautiful sea- and landscape of the upcoming Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag.

Although playing a pirate certainly looks appealing, especially attacking other ships, die-hard fans have been asking how much the traditionally strong stealth element will featured. These questions have been answered with Ubisoft’s latest trailer.

Once again its game director Ashraf Ismail taking us through, this time in the Stealth gameplay video, noting that “It’s important for us to push the stealth and make it a viable way to play this game – if you choose to.”

Quietly click the video below for more.

Final DLC call for Call of Duty: Black Ops II

During the course of the week, our gaming scouts have returned with spy footage of the fourth and final DLC Map Pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops II (quick review) dubbed Apocalypse. Apocalypse introduces four new multiplayer maps in Pod, Frost, Takeoff, and Dig, as well as a zombie experience in Origins.

More important though is the setting for Apocalypse - a Dieselpunk-themed First World War - where players team up to blast away hordes of the undead and cut enormous robots down to size. Apocalypse parachutes onto the Xbox Live marketplace on 27 August, with other platforms announcements to follow soon.


Contributions by Mike Joubert and Hanleigh Daniels. 


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