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id Software explains its back to the drawing board approach on Doom 4

If, like us you have been patiently waiting for Doom 4, and were disappointed and mystified about why the game was delayed, then a few answers were revealed.In an interview with IGN, Pete Hines, Bethesda’s VP of marketing, and Tim Willits, id Software’s studio director, explained the decision to scrap its previous development on Doom 4 and start over. 

The reason apparently had to do with the fact that the original effort lacked the Doom soul and spirit, and resulted in a game that was not immediately recognisable. Willits elaborated that while the original attempt was not marred by bad art or poor programming, but rather, lacked a personality. 

“It had a bit of schizophrenia, a little bit of an identity crisis. It didn’t have the passion and soul of what an id game is,” he explained. 

According to Hines, the work in progress was not necessarily bad, but nor was it amazing or what people had waited for. “I don’t want anybody to look at id’s next project and have this reaction that it’s still stuck in the 90s,” he stressed in the interview.

Given Bethesda’s high standards – and for example its treatment of Prey 2 for failing to meet them – that it would want the next entry in the Doom franchise (much loved by old school gamers) to meet them comes as little surprise. Thus, the wait for Doom 4 continues; at least though, it isn’t doomed to mediocrity.  

Dragon Age: Inquisition to reintroduce multiple playable races

BioWare must be given its due – the company certainly does listen to its fan base and respond accordingly. One of the latest pieces of news confirming this is that the next Dragon Age will reintroduce multiple races which players can choose from. 

While this was a standard feature of Dragon Age: Origins, the sequel deviated from the course to the chagrin of some, offering players much less choice (you were human, like it or not). Thus in the forthcoming game, players will once again be able to express their true nature as an elf or dwarf, or human, if you are so boringly inclined.

Additionally Dragon Age: Inquisition will apparently also offer another notable feature that many loved in Origins, namely of large and varied environments. This, after Dragon Age 2 took a more restrictive approach to its locales, not always to the most fun effect. Most promising is that apparently players will be able to ride mounts this time around (as you would in a vast fantasy world which hasn’t yet been bespoiled by the Gautrain).

If you would like to see BioWare’s team chatting up the game (destined for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC next year) a bit more, take a look at the video below.

EA plans to be on the ball with FIFA 14 physics

Thanks to the annual release of EA Sports’ FIFA series, there normally aren’t that many visible visual enhancements within each new iteration (this year might be different thanks to the next-generation console versions). The most obvious differences between the games come in the way of gameplay changes, and with its latest trailer for FIFA 14, EA sheds some light on two of these alterations - namely pure shot and real ball physics. 

The former allows gamers to adjust their stride and approach angle to find the best position from which to net a goal, with some of the new shot types made possible by this feature being pure strikes, off-balance- as well as rushed shots on goal. 

Real ball physics now determines the trajectories of balls, enabling players to adopt a number of approaches including kicking the ball with force from distance, drilling low rising shots with more accuracy, or blasting dipping or turbulent shots at the keeper. See both of these new gameplay enhancement features in action in the trailer posted below. 

FIFA 14 runs onto the availability field in South Africa on 27 September for Windows PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, along with many mobile- and portable gaming formats. The game will also dribble its way onto the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, following these next-generation consoles’ respective launches.

Hail to your own custom chief 

In just over two weeks the over-the-top open-world action adventure Saints Row IV rudely blasts its way onto the PlayStation 3, Windows PC and Xbox 360. Within the game, the leader of the Saints somehow lands the post of leader of the free world, which is kind of ironic since earth’s populace is not all that free in the aftermath of a catastrophic Duke Nukem 3D-style alien invasion. 

Before all the f-bomb-dropping and wielding of Matrix-esque superhero powers commence though, gamers can create their own customised president via the game’s Inauguration Station feature. This character can then be imported into the game, when it releases on 23 August, and by using this tool, players will also be able to download their Saints Row: The Third (review) character for use in the new title. 

Saints Row IV: Inauguration Station is available on Xbox Live for the Xbox 360, from Steam as a digital download for Windows PC, and from the PlayStation Network for the PlayStation 3. 

Sonic Lost World racing onto 3DS, Wii U in October

The blue blur, Sonic, is taking another stab at a 3D. According to Nintendo’s latest Nintendo Direct broadcast, Sonic Lost World will arrive in players’ hands on the 22nd of October, on both the Wii U and the 3DS consoles. The game will see Sonic have to face off against the ‘Deadly Six’, and in a twist, unite with his nemesis Eggman to defeat them. 

So what’s new? Amongst others a number of new moves, such as the ability to vault over obstacles, free run up and along walls, and sky dive between islands at lightning speed, as well as new Colour Powers, which will enable him to fly through the air, tear-up levels and explode into enemies. Nintendo has promised a good variety of levels, including mind-bending courses, vast underground tunnels and colossal structures in the sky. 

Judging by the trailer shown, from the Nintendo Direct announcement, it certainly looks like a potential blast, more than a little reminiscent in style of Mario Galaxy, which is  not a bad thing at all. 

Put boredom on the Blacklist via the forthcoming Splinter Cell

Ubisoft has declassified more info surrounding the upcoming Splinter Cell: Blacklist this week, with the company showcasing its new Blacklist threat trailer (posted below). 

Within Blacklist, a faceless, unpredictable enemy faction calling themselves the Engineers have the resources and power to strike anywhere the US has interests. Faced with such a monumental threat, the US government only has one number on their speed dial since the A-team were out of town, Rambo retired, and John McClane was at a Police convention in Eastern Europe (yippee ki-yay Mother Russia). 

Sam Fisher and his Fourth Echelon team have to move quickly to give all of the geeky engineers wedgies, beat them up and take their lunch money or stuff them in the school locker. 

Splinter Cell: Blacklist applies a rear naked choke to your gaming budget this August, at which time it will sneak out of the development shadows onto the PS3, Xbox 360, Windows PC, and Nintendo Wii U.

Contributions by Hanleigh Daniels


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