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E3 brings the goods

The last week or so has played host to some of the more exciting gaming news that we’ve seen this year, with Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo all bringing out the big guns (exclusive games) for the year ahead.

However, amid the big announcements (Uncharted 4, the Halo collection and a new Legend of Zelda for the Wii U) there has also been plenty more tantalising news and trailers worth considering coming from the studios and developers. Admittedly, there were one or two notable misses - The Last Guardian, for example, was absent (again), but rumours were quickly quelled that it had been cancelled.

Indeed, while many may ask who won E3 2014? - Sony, Microsoft or (gasp) Nintendo - the truth is that each excelled themselves this year. There has not been a whole lot about hardware, but rather the focus has been on games, games, and then some more games. The question:  ‘Who had the best presser?’, may well become: ‘Has this been the best E3 so far?’

Batman: Arkham Knight brings batmobile, new (bat)trailer

Rockstar has been rocksteady as far as delivering superb Batman games is concerned, and thus is should come as no surprise that one of the more anticipated games stealthily swooping into E3 was the conclusion to the Batman: Arkham Asylum, and Batman: Arkham City trilogy.

We speak of course of Batman: Arkham Knight, boasting the batmobile as Batman’s companion and mobile shield, and in the even better news, it will be playable. Newly revealed is that the Batmobile will have a battle mode, and apparently it will play its part in defeating the Scarecrow and his army. If you think taxi drivers in Gauteng play fast and loose with the rules of the road, then you really need to see Batman drive.

Far Cry 4 announced and showcased

All this year’s E3 needed to make it even better was say, a sequel to another fan favourite franchise, like, for example, Far Cry. Well, that is exactly what we got, as Ubisoft announced Far Cry 4. The game features a few new additions – for example, this time players are taken to the mountains, are able to drive and shoot (presumably, people who are being so distracted as to drive and text), engage in some co-op gameplay as well as employ a raft of weapons and gadgets.

Take a look at the trailer below, and good luck curbing your enthusiasm for the 18th of November.

More Dragon Age: Inquisition details announced

Another game we have seen and heard quite a bit of, but have of course been hankering for more details about, graced the E3 floor, and that is BioWare’s forthcoming Dragon Age: Inquisition. This is BioWare, so of course the bar and expectations are sky high, most particularly for rich character development.

Thus, the latest and newest trailer pays homage to just that, giving a brief glimpse into some of your companions and those making up the Inquisition (we dare you not to feel a little bit of a Fellowship of the Rings vibe here). These include an elven archer; Grey Warden, a Qunari mercenary and  Vivienne, an Orlesian mage. Not quite the usual suspects, but definitely a motley, and intriguing crew. Hit the trailer below to learn more.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt lets Geralt loose on a griffin

Yet another RPG bringing new details to E3 is the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, in the form of a new gameplay demo. While we still have to wait until February (the game was delayed into next year in March) to play what is looking like an outstanding game, Geralt’s adventures certainly look worth the wait if the trailer below is anything to go by.

Already though, the game is racking up an enthusiastic reception on the E3 floor, and come February, we should have our entertainment time well taken care of, with some 100 hours worth of gameplay on offer. Swallow an anti-drooling  potion (if you must), and then take a look at the trailer below.

Shadow of Mordor steps into the light - again

The Lord of the Rings movies may be done and dusted,and The Hobbit may be wrapping its trilogy up before the year is over, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t plenty of Middle Earth goodness to feast on. Also happening this week is the reveal of more details around the forthcoming Shadow of Mordor, highlighted at E3.

More particularly, the developers explained the Nemesis system, in which every denizen you encounter will remember you – some to gloat at having injured or even killed you in the past, and others remembering how you dealt with them. This apparently, should help bring the world more to life and elevate the NPCs from being static, stock-standard characters to those with individual reactions to you and your decisions.

Bethesda reveals DOOM teaser

Any true fan of first person shooters will know the DOOM franchise, which set the bar fairly early on in many respects, as far as we're concerned. Fans of the game will have something to look forward to in 2015, as Bethesda Softworks took great pride in an unveiling a pretty ominous looking teaser trailer for the upcoming DOOM title.

In terms of definitive details, the trailer does not give too much away, but it does feature a scary-as-hell looking monster-machine hybrid as well as a foreboding message of an "unholy fusion of flesh and metal". If that doesn't get your pulse racing, we don't know what will. Bethesda also noted that gamers will have a better look at DOOM's gameplay features at this year's QuakeCon 2014, held from 17-20 July. We'll be sure to keep the updates coming in, but based on the trailer, DOOM is certainly shaping up to be an exciting release for 2015.


Sony unveils Playstation content stramer at E3

Although E3 is usually dedicated to new gaming titles, Sony also announced a piece of hardware that certainly piqued our interest, in the form of content streaming device named the PlayStation TV. It's a device intended as a companion to the PS4 and aimed at enhancing the user's experience, as well as offering a second gaming station.

Some of the PlayStation TVs key features include a remote play function, which enables a second user to access any stored content or game loaded onto the primary PS4 console. Added to this is PlayStation Now, offering users the ability to stream PS3 games, as well as support for a range of PS Vita, PSP and PS One gaming content.

The PlayStation TV is currently available for purchase in select European regions, retailing for an estimated €99 (R1 440). There is no confirmation on whether or not the PlayStation TV will be making its way to local shores, but for a relatively low price point, there is no reason why it should not.

Alien: Isolation brings the terror to E3

Finally, just because we treasure the opportunity to scare our readers shirtless for all the right reasons, the last trailer to beep and flash on our games radar while we held our breath in anticipation at this E3 was none other than Alien: Isolation.

The new trailer clearly shows the kind of mood the game intends going for, banishing any latent fears of Colonial Marines style and rather reminding us of the delicious chill-fest that was the first Alien movie.

Take a look below and see if you agree that October cannot come soon enough.

Contributions by Robin-Leigh Chetty


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