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When it comes to the smart home, the options for lights are a bit limited with the Philips HUE range pretty much leading the way. American manufacturer General Electric (GE) is aiming to make its offerings a tad smarter, however, and recently debuted a Wi-Fi enabled bridge for its C-Line of smart light products. 

Named the C-Reach, the hub plugs into any conventional point and connects all of the C-Line's light bulbs via Wi-Fi, which carries the added benefit of supporting digital assistants, including the likes of Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. 

Users will not be able to 'talk' directly to the light bulbs, however, but will rather have to control the smart lights with voice commands either from their phone's digital assistant or a compatible smart speaker they have set up in the home. As with the normal C-Line smart light bulbs, individual or grouped sets of lights can be controlled according to user preferences or instructions. 

The C-Reach is currently on sale on Amazon for $50 (R705), with a bundled package including two light bulbs and the hub costing $65 (R917). Whether or not they catch on locally remains to be seen, especially as such a smart setup can prove quite costly.


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