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When it comes to its mobile operating systems, Google does not waste time. The company's current offering, 7.0 Nougat, is still making its way to mid-range devices, but that has not stopped Google from releasing a developer preview of Android O.

As for what this new version of Android is promising to deliver for developers, the company notes that it will be introducing changes like notification channels. This system will allow users to control the notification settings on a larger scale, getting them all to behave in the same way if needed. Other improvements in Android O include Picture-in-Picture, which will primarily be used for video playback according to Google, and could come in handy for larger devices like phablets and tablets.

Added to this will be adaptive icons that cater to effects that change their shape, along with colour management tools for devices that have a wider gamut than others. Another notable change will be to battery life, but Google has not divulged much detail on it at this stage, or whether an app like Doze will play a large part.

Chances to have a  better look at more Android O goodness will likely occur at Google I/O this year in May.  As for what Android O will be called when it officially gets released, we're hedging our bets on Oreo.


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