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Google is set to give its Gmail app a much needed redesign, but an official look is yet to be revealed. Instead, The Verge has obtained screenshots of the redesign, with Google expected to debut the app in full, alongside others, at their I/O conference happening next month. 

The new look of the app includes an altered icon, with the same white envelope and red "M" present, but there are a few more curves and the envelope appears to be opened slightly. It's not a drastic change from what we've been used to, but it could point to the entire Material Design of Android getting a subtle refresh in the upcoming version of the operating system.

There are also a few new features that have been added to the mix, according to the screenshots, such as a snooze function of certain emails which can reappear in one's inbox at a specific time. 

Added to this is a tab on the side of the app for other Google services like Calendar, Messages and Keep note-taking. Another new aspect of Gmail will be the ability to toggle between three different layouts, with a default, comfortable and compact view available.

While the redesign is not drastic in any sense, it at least points to Google wanting to make their applications better. As for what other changes are in store for Gmail, Google I/O 2018 on 8 May should offer more insight.


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