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Harley-Davidson, an American motorcycle manufacturer synonymous for their noisy Easy Rider bikes built for cruising long stretches of road, have unveiled their latest vehicle, named Project LiveWire. What makes this new motorcycle so interesting is the fact that it's the company's first ever electric bike, which sends them into uncharted territory.

Very little definitive detail is known about Project LiveWire, and this new motorcycle in particular, with Harley-Davidson stating that this vehicle is designed to gain better insights into it's riders expectations. This essentially means, that the first motorcycle produced by Project LiveWire is intended to test the waters as it were, and gauge customer interest in purchasing electric motorcycles in the future.   

Although the Project LiveWire electric motorcycle's details remain shrouded in mystery, what we do know is that it is exceptionally quick, clocking a 0-100 km/h time estimated to be under four seconds. It is also described as producing a wholly unique engine sound, although we're unsure how hardened Harley fans will react to this. One thing that cannot be doubted, is the fact that the Project LiveWire motorcycle is great to look at, and certainly would not look out of place next to a Ducati or Buell.

Harley-Davidson will be inviting its customers to test ot the Project LiveWire electric motorcycle, with the US leg of this tour kicking off in the coming weeks with visits to more than 30 dealerships countrywide. At the start of 2015, the Project LiveWire tour will spread to Canada and parts of Europe, with no confirmation of whether it will make its way to South Africa yet.  


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