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How do the world's best assassins take out their targets without ever being discovered? Make it look like an accident. And this appears the go-to modus operandi that Agent 47 will be adopting for Hitman 2, where instead of his usual stealthy takedowns, he'll be looking for creative ways to eliminate his target.

To illustrate some of the methods Agent 47 will employ, a new gameplay trailer for the Miami mission in Hitman 2 has landed online. In it we see our favourite ball headed assassin use his sniper rifle to take out one of the cars during the Miami Innovation Race, making it look like a simple blown tyre. He also infiltrates the security detail for another target, using a pair of scissors to finish the job.

As such, it looks like his trusty silencer-touting guns have been thrown to the wayside. Whether fans of the franchise embrace the change, remains to be seen when Hitman 2 hits consoles and PCs on 13 November.   


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