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It's a hot one this week as we feature the new Magic Mike XXL, Simon Pegg with superpowers in Absolutely Anything, double trouble in Legend and all out catastrophe in San Andreas. 

Magic Mike XXL
July 2015

It should probably not come as a surprise that the original Magic Mike did as well as it did, seeing that it starred a sweaty Channing Tatum and a host of other glistening bodies. Its follow-up is soon ready for reveal, with XXL seeing the Kings of Tampa taking on one big final show. If scene stealing performances are anything to go by, Joe Manganiello (Big Dick Richie) is the go to guy, remembering that “All the world's a stage” as he gets hot and heavy with some bottled water.

Best bit: Richie goes all Showgirls in a convenience store at 0:26.

Absolutely Anything
August in the UK

In theory, Absolutely Anything should be one of the comedies of the year. Starring Simon Pegg (Star Trek, Shaun of the Dead), British comedian Eddie Izzard (Ocean’s Thirteen), Rob Riggle (The Hangover) plus the voices of the belated Robin Williams and the Monty Python crew, what’s there not to like? For some reason, however, the trailer does not quite set the world alight, reminding a bit of Bruce Almighty as Neil Clarke (Pegg) receives the power to do anything by a contingent of aliens. Hit the trailer below to pass judgement.

Best bit: 1:11 when it goes all Shaun of the Dead on us.

September in the UK

Tom Hardy is flexing his Oscar muscles in Legend, starring as the infamous British gangsters, the Kray twins. Yes, he is actually playing both of them, which hopefully sets him on course for that little gold statue come next year. Legend looks grittier than more recent British gangster movies, which might be explained by being helmed by an American, Brian Helgeland who also directed A Knight’s Tale and worked on the script of L.A. Confidential.

Best bit: A truck rudely interrupting a full English breakfast at 1:20.

The Last Witch Hunter
October 2015

It’s about time that Vin Diesel stars in something supernatural and The Last Witch Hunter provides him with the vehicle to do just that. A plague of witches is intent on taking over New York, and of course Vin is the only thing standing between us and their thirst for revenge for what happened in Salem all those years back. Miscarriages of justice aside, the trailer offers a couple of glimpses of alluring scenes, but not quite enough to really sell the movie just yet.

Best bit: Some kind of demonic Transformer arises at 1:03.

San Andreas (Trailer 3)
End of May in the States

An awesome disaster flick is long overdue, as San Andreas looks to fill our hunger for crashing buildings, exploding dam walls, giant tsunamis and general massive catastrophe. Starring Dwayne Johnson (Hercules) as a helicopter rescue pilot, San Andreas’ third trailer provides an even stronger glimpse of all the disasters that flow from the massive earthquake that rocked California. The small YouTube rectangle below doesn’t quite do it justice and we think the only way to truly experience this movie’s majesty is to check it on the big screen when it eventually hits SA.

Best bit: Everything post 0:32

Helen Keller Vs Nightwolves (NSFW)

Helen Keller Vs Nightwolves is about as politically incorrect as any horror/comedy can be. Currently hoping for funding for post-production on Indiegogo, the movie comes from the strange mind of Ross Patterson, known for classics such as FDR: American Badass!, Poolboy: Drowning Out the Fury and the Oscar winning $50K and a Call Girl: A Love Story. Hellen Keller suffers horrific injuries from a wolf attack but recovers well enough to train for revenge. With a tag line of “Natural Born Keller”, click on the trailer below to see if you want to donate to make this movie happen. Be aware that the trailer is a bit NSFW with a scene featuring a toilet plunger.

Best bit: 0:53, yes that is a bit dark.


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