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By Netesh Maharajh, Director Alnet Technologies

Modern financial systems have brought the concept of ‘right time’ to a scenario that historically looked at the past only in order to solve issues pertinent to the present and relevant into the future.

Earlier generations of technology ran functions in isolation – this was the only way to achieve the set goals.  Therefore, financial systems were tasked with keeping reliable transactional records. While that remains a crucial function today, current robust connectivity makes it possible to break down  barriers and connect financials directly into day-to-day core business operations.

Implemented in just a few months or even weeks, a cloud financial system is able to work in sync with the business. Instead of acting as a brake on progress, it embraces and facilitates change. It delivers financial data in a business context that shows the real-world impact of decisions. It supports speedy digital alternatives to error-prone, slow-moving paper processes. It has the connectivity and integration smarts to automatically consolidate business data. Rather than running in isolation from the rest of the business, it becomes an integral part of day-to-day operations, decision-making, and strategic planning.

Fast-moving enterprises understand the importance of right-time information to compete successfully in a digitally connected world. They recognise the risks of delay and the rapid advantages a cloud financial system offers. There are significant strategic business reasons why now is the time to move to cloud financials. 

Business Optimisation

Sage Intacct, a best-in-class cloud financial solution, helps organisations to optimise their businesses. The Intacct cloud financial management platform delivers deep accounting capabilities across multiple industries and is designed with a single aim and that is to accelerate success. This is a powerful foundation which provides robust technology infrastructure making it easy to share data and integrate with best-of-breed solutions without excessive IT costs.

This leading cloud-based accounting and financial management software reduces time to close by as much as 79% and places finance leaders in a position to drive growth.

Versatile modern business leaders are deploying cloud technologies as a strategy enabler that will help them to run their businesses more efficiently, while at the same time navigating today’s challenges with ease. The following are just some of the results that can be expected:

  • Technology that requires no infrastructure and can be operated on any device, anywhere, anytime.
  • Advanced data security.
  • Customised visibility and real-time reporting.
  • No manual upgrades.
  • Time saved as manual corrections are a thing of the past and replaced by well-structured functionality and modules using best-in-class technology that automates business processes.
  • Valuable insights, decreased costs, faster business growth with financial dashboards.
  • Reporting that turns data into insight with Sage Intacct’s innovative General Ledger, with features that capture business information relating to transactions, operational KPIs and budgets, to efficiently generate real-time reports on business performance without managing complex charts of accounts.
  • A reporting platform with unsurpassed visibility, agility, and flexibility to quickly slice-and-dice the details for key stakeholders in all facets of the business for confident decision-making.

Sage Intacct provides finance teams with a powerful solution that offers:

  • Deep multi-dimensional accounting and automation for efficient financial operations.
  • Sophisticated visibility for real-time intuitive dashboards for decision-making.
  • Best-of-breed, easy integration to other solutions.
  • Fresh and modern user interface.
  • Real-time reporting across hundreds of consolidated entities.
  • Commanding cloud-based accounting and financial management software.

Organisations require an agile, open, configurable, cloud accounting solution that lets them easily share data and connect multiple solutions – Sage Intacct achieves all of the foregoing. It is a modular true cloud financial management platform that meets today’s business requirements and provides the flexibility needed to add greater functionality into the future.

“Sage Intacct is the ideal GL accounting foundation for smarter, flexible accounting management with multi-dimensional general ledger visibility 24/7. Moreover, it is an accounts receivable management software that makes teams more efficient in turn driving quicker payment turnaround for organisations.

Sage Intacct Platform Services – the path to precisely tuned solutions tailored to individual business needs.

  • Businesses today require infrastructure solutions that deliver competitive edge, be that in efficiencies and cost savings or by allowing them to make better decisions. Sage Intacct Platform Services is your ticket to making user expectations a reality. Sage Intacct Platform Services is a springboard to solutions precisely tuned to individual business needs. Datasheet Platform Services Extend functionality to exactly match business requirements.

  • Map and manage solutions with ease rather than building procedural programs and writing miles of code, Platform Services offers you an elegant object-centred solution. If you have a background in database development, you will quickly recognise the structures that drive Platform Services solutions. By concentrating your actions and workflows around objects and related objects, you can build cohesive solutions that are easy to map and easy to manage.

  • Vital questions about any cloud-based system revolve around stability and security. The problems you might struggle to overcome in a stand-alone system—such as caching, error handling, permissions, and encryption protocol—are seamlessly built into custom platform solutions without any coding on your part.


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