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There’s an interesting stack of comics up for sale over at Humble Bundle, in fact about $249 worth of Dynamite Entertainment titles, for which you need not pay more than $15.

Actually, to get your hands on the first batch, you can pay what you want, which is usually the deal with Humble Bundle. Some of the titles that caught our eye here was The Complete Alice in Wonderland, with Alan Moore’s daughter Leah, a strong writer in her own right, taking on this classic tale. There’s also Sherlock Holmes: Year One, and the awesome Garth Ennis (check out his Preacher series if you haven’t yet) and the amazing Alex Ross grabbing a chance to work on The Shadow.

If you pay more than the average, standing at $10.10 you get even more titles, including Kevin Smith’s Green Hornet Vol. 2, a bit of Twilight Zone, some Shaft and even more Shadow. The reason we would shell out more coin would be to check out Vampirella Master Series Vol. 1, as done by two Scotsman –  in fact, two of our all-time favourites, namely Grant Morrison and Mark Millar.

To get everything on offer would take $15 of your hard earned dosh, but it would get you some sweet (and bloody) reading time with interesting writers, not the least being Alan Moore’s take on Vampirella, 11 female writers getting their hands dirty with our beloved redhead, Red Sonja, and the strange combination of Neil Gaiman and Alice Cooper doing The Last Temptation. Talking of strange combo’s, how about Django and Zorro teaming up for the official follow up to Django Unchained. Last but not least, and a serious consideration for all Game of Thrones fans, Alex Ross doing the art for George R.R. Martin’s mighty series.

Sales of this Bundle supports the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, Doctors without Borders, and the Make A Wish foundation.

If Sci-Fi is more your bag, check out some cool classics from Roger Zelazny, Isaac Asimov and Alfred Bester over at the Humble Book Bundle.


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