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If you ever thought of heading into game development, but found the literature a bit costly, well Humble Bundle is coming to the rescue. The Game Development by Packt Bundle is currently on offer, which will cost you anything between $1 to $15 depending on how many books you want. If you go for the full amount you will receive a massive $1 467 worth of books and videos.

That said, perhaps you are saving for your next tank of petrol and can only afford $1. Don’t despair, you will still get Basics of Coding with Unreal Engine 4 and Creating a Game with Blender Game Engine, both videos, plus books including Game Physics Cookbook. It will also score you three months of Mapt Pro for the reduced price of $30, where you can access every Packt ebook and video ever published.

$8 will get you a few titles more, including Practical Game AI Programming and Unity 2017 Mobile Game Development, plus videos on Building a Character using Blender 3D and the mouthful Modern OpenGL C++ 3D Game Tutorial Series & 3D Rendering.

You get the whole caboodle if you smack 15 big ones down. Titles in the final tier include Vulkan Cookbook and Game Development Patterns and Best Practices, while the video included is Learning C# by Developing Games with Unity.

It’s a limited time offer, so get buying asap.


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