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It seems only natural that an imaging company such as Canon should be interested in producing security cameras. However, Canon’s move into the security and surveillance market has quickly escalated to much more than just a casual venture. After acquiring software company, Milestone Systems and majority shareholding in Axis Communications AB, Canon looks set to make its network surveillance camera business a major growth area. We sat down to chat with Braam Steyn, business development manager at Canon South Africa, about the company’s cameras and some of the benefits it offers.

TechSmart: Canon is a relatively new player in the security field. How did the market receive you locally?

Braam Steyn: Canon has a good brand name, so most people are aware of what Canon offers. Traditionally Canon is not known for video surveillance which created various challenges but mostly lots of opportunities within the local market. The market was ready for more players and in the past few years Canon’s market share has grown.

What are the typical requirements from your clients?

Customers want quality products, at the right price with good support. As part of the product launch locally, we offered an extended three year warranty on network solution cameras. This provided our customers with peace of mind that our products will have withstand the test of time.  

In most cases, end users such as hotels are not just looking for security cameras, but rather an integrated security solution. How does Canon help with this?

Canon, in conjunction with our local distributor, Security & Communication Warehouse, provides a combined network solution for any business. They make use of the Canon cameras to build an integrated offering for any market, together we provide the perfect solution. 

Which camera is most in demand?

The Canon VB-S800D is in high demand, being a 2 MP full HD indoor camera in a compact form. As one of Canon’s entry level products, it provides great value for money.

Are there unique features that Canon’s range brings to the table?

The three main components of a camera are the lens, image sensor and of course the image processor. Thanks to Canon's legacy in optical imaging this is possible. If you are looking for specific product features, Canon can provide wide angle lenses with less distortion thanks to our proven integrated systems. Our cameras excels in low-light performances, especially when it is mostly required - at night. 

Do you have features that makes installation easier?

We have a feature called PTRZ (pan, tilt, rotation and zoom) which specifically relates to the installation of the cameras. It can be very difficult to adjust the point of view and focus of a camera after installation. Now the installer and client can adjust each camera perfectly from a remote location, even after installation. This is especially handy if your cameras are located in hard to reach places where scaffolding or a cherry picker is necessary to readjust angles afterwards.

Any final thoughts?

It’s good to remember that Canon has invested heavily in Research and Development and is harnessing over 70 years’ worth of experience as a high quality lens manufacturer to build robust high-end video surveillance cameras. Our recent acquisition of Milestone Systems as well as becoming the majority shareholder of Axis Communications AB, the largest purchase in Canon’s history, shows that Canon is intent on becoming a leader in the field and is in it for the long run.

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