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We have to admit that we are big fans of the folks over at Humble Bundle, having picked up loads of awesome games, books and comics for what can only be described as a bargain.

The latest Book Bundle is all about the tunes, having a number of sweet music inspired books and comics topping the list. You might know how the Humble Bundle principle works by now – you pay what you want for the bottom tier of books, pay more than the average to unlock further products, with the top price giving you everything on offer.

Here’s why we urge you to pay $15 for the full Humble Music Book Bundle – The Fifth Beatle. It is without a doubt an amazing comic, telling the story of Brian Epstein, the skilful but troubled manager behind The Beatles.

Not only is his story masterfully told by Vivek J. Tiwary, but Andrew C. Robinson and Kyle Baker’s art is astounding. Whether you are a fan of The Beatles or not, The Fifth Beatle is one for the collection.

Another Eisner Award winner (the top awards in the comic book industry) onboard in the top tier is Hip Hop Family Tree Vol. 1, done old-school style by Ed Piskor, offering a great research piece into the heart of hip hop history.

The average for the Humble Music Book Bundle stands currently at $8.12, a sweet deal if you consider you get three volumes of Scott Pilgrim, Nowhere Men Vol. 1, Mixtape Vol. 1-5 and Greg Kihn’s Rubber Soul and Painted Black, amongst others.

At the bottom end, where you can pay what you like, there’s still a couple of nice tales to entice you. These include the troublesome metalheads from Black Metal Vol. 1, the acclaimed The Wicked + The Divine Vol. 1, plus an audio book in the form of Pete Seeger: The Storm King.

Your money is going to a good cause, with this Bundle supporting Musicians On Call, musicians who go and perform in healthcare facilities. Go and support the Humble Music Book Bundle now to stock up on some long weekend reading material.


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