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Looking to keep your brain active this weekend? There’s intriguing, engaging, and enriching nonfiction on offer from Open Road Media at Humble Bundle. Set to keep the grey stuff working, you can delve into the Brain Wave 2 bundle for as little as $1. For that amount you get access to the lowest tier of books, which include some good stuff if you’re a sneakerhead (Chuck Taylor, All Star), a coffee connoisseur (God in a Cup) or a Grammar Nazi (100 Words Almost Everyone Confuses and Misuses).

If you have $8 to spare, you get PDF books regarding even more of the weird and wonderful. For example, want to know more about your lagers, pilsners or IPAs? Delve into the world of Drinkology Beer. Looking for a knight in shining armour? Try out Medieval Combat. Or perhaps you need the path to success? For this you can start with Creating a Thriving Business.

There are 12 more books in the final tier, which you need to pay $15 if you want them all. The most important, perhaps, is How to Prosper in the Coming Apocalypse by Richard Curtis. It’s basically an investment guide and survivalist handbook for the end of the world, which, as we all know, is coming soon. Trekkies will dig Star Trek: The Next Generation 365 which is an episode-by-episode exploration of the series. Our pick of the bunch is certainly Don’t Panic, a study of Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhikers’s Guide to the Galaxy by none other than Neill Gaiman.

In total there’s 28 books on offer in the Brain Wave 2 bundle, which usually retails for around $480. If this is not your scene, and you want something perhaps more academic and IT related, either try out the Data Science by No Starch Press or Cybersecurity 2019 by Packt bundles. Remember, there’s a time limit to their availability, so don’t dally.


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