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Crowdfunding site Kickstarter had a pretty strong 2015, with games in particular proving a worthwhile project to place on the platform. It was not simply video games that garnered a lot of attention on Kickstarter, in fact tabletop games received more pledges than their video counterparts. Kickstarter divulged all this information in a recent blog post, detailing the facts and figures of the past year.

In total an estimated $144 million was pledged over the last 12 months, with more than 978 000 backers donating to projects they deemed worthy. Of the 7466 of launched projects, 2259 of them were viewed as successful, which translates to a success rate of 30.3%. As such, while Kickstarter had a number of games use their platform to generate funds, less than a third of projects reached their goals and got off the ground.

Kickstarter went a step further, and dissected the numbers of tabletop games and video games respectively. As mentioned, it was the former that performed better overall, receiving more than $88 million in pledges, doubling the $46 million pledge mark reached by video games. The number of successful projects also made for interesting reading, with tabletop games quadrupling the number of successful projects (1396), compared to video games' 374 successful projects.

Topping the charts among all games on Kickstarter in 2015 was Exploding Kittens (a card game), which received an estimated $8.8 million in pledges from more than 219 000 backers. As such, it goes to show that the internet is indeed designed for cats.


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