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Kickstarter is home to quite a few weird and wonderful projects looking for backers, and this latest one is no different. The Amabrush, which is designed by the eponymously named company, is currently on the crowdfunding platform, already surpassing its $50 000 goal threefold (at the time of writing). 

The concept seems fairly simple, with a contraption that's shaped like a mouth guard and fitted with multiple rows of toothbrush-like bristles on the top and bottom. Once placed inside your mouth, with a generous helping of a special proprietary toothpaste, a second handpiece portion attaches at the front and vibrates to clean your chompers. 

According to Amabrush, this device can get the job done in only 10 seconds, which certainly puts the electric toothbrushes to shame. The handpiece pod also boasts wireless charging, and at 10 seconds a go, is said to last a full month before another charge is required. 

There are a swathe of pledge options, but €79 (R1 198) gets your foot in the door with a Basic package that features the mouthpiece, handpiece, toothpaste and charger, with delivery estimated in December this year. The pledge options top out at €999 (R15 143) which is designed for couples and includes two of everything, along with your signature on the device itself.   

Clearly a gadget for those with cash to splash, check out the Amabrush in action below. 


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