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The PS4 Pro is currently being launched in select regions the world over, but South Africa still has to wait. It may be a blessing in disguise, as many users have complained of a connectivity issue when plugging their newly minted console into a 4K TV. While the Japanese manufacturer has not officially commented on the issue, it appears that the latest firmware update for the console may be the root cause, according to several Reddit users.

Reddit user Bravo514 recently detailed the connectivity problem in a post, explaining that, "Plugged my Pro in and it booted up in beautiful 2160p. Then it asked me to update to 4.05. After update - no signal. I thought my Pro was fried." This issue seems to be occurring quite a few other PS4 Pro owners following their update, but Bravo514 was able to find a fix, but not a fully fledged solution. 

"Here's the fix:

1. Make sure your PS4 is off
2. Plug the hdmi into the 4K 60hz port on your tv
3. Turn your tv on
4. Hold down the power button on your PS4 until it beeps twice (Safe mode)
5. Change HDCP setting to 1.4 only
6. PS4 will restart and you'll probably still have no signal
7. Turn PS4 off and get back to Safe Mode (step 4)
8. Choose change resolution which will restart PS4
9. If you get an image after PS4 restarts then choose the yuv420 option. Hooray!
10. If you got no signal still after PS4 restarted then go back to safe mode and go back to HDCP and choose automatic
11. Got back to safe mode again and choose change resolution and then choose yuv420
12. If still not working then try the above steps a couple more times

It took me awhile but I finally got it to work. I have a Vizio D series."

While Bravo514 found a workaround, Polygon does note that the fix may not work for everyone. According to the gaming news site, the problem stems from a compatibility issue between HDMI cables and ports. With the PS4 Pro supporting HDR (High Dynamic Range), it has resulted in a HDMI 2.0a standard, along with HDCP 2.2.

It's a new standard that some HDMI ports on 4K TVs cannot fully support, specifically when handling signals higher than 30 Hz. As such, we advise prospective PS4 Pro owners with a 4K TV to check the standard for each of their HDMI ports, unless you also want to be dealing with black screens.


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