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Yesterday, images of a slimmer PS4 console cropped up online. This led many, including ourselves, to believe that Sony has two new PlayStation 4 consoles ready for unveiling at its New York event on 7 September. While the Japanese manufacturer has not commented on these rumours and leaked images, new footage has arrived only adding fuel to the fire. 

Two videos have debuted in the past 24 hours, the first was originally uploaded by Eurogamer, but has subsequently been pulled for fear of legal repercussions. This has not stopped it from finding its way back on YouTube (for now). The video shows a PS4 console sitting below a TV, as the former powers up, and the PS logo pops up on screen in white with a black background. 

The video itself comes from a Richard Ledbetter of Digital Foundry, who reportedly purchased the PS4 Slim from the person who posted an ad for it on Gumtree. While the official status of the video cannot be fully verified, it appears as if the UI (User Interface) for the slim PS4 does not differ from the original version. Whether or not the 4K Neo PS4 will also keep the UI the same, remains to be seen.   

The next video comes from YouTuber ZRZ and only lasts for about 20 seconds. In it, he holds what is believed to be a new DualShock 4 controller in his hand. As far as looks go, the version in the video is indistinguishable from the current model, but ZRZ is convinced it is a new variant based on the fact that the light bar also shines through the touchpad, and not just in front of the controller. 

We're hoping that isn't the only new aspect of the controller, otherwise PS4 gamers will likely be very underwhelmed by this offering. ZRZ says he'll be doing a full hands-on video soon, so more details could be forthcoming.


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