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MTN is introducing MyMTN Home Uncapped Fixed LTE to South Africans, aimed at delivering more value and choice to customers as part of the company's summer campaign.  

The cellular company believes this will be the first time in the history of mobile that an uncapped home connectivity solution is offered whereby customers can choose their preferred speeds. 

Each of the MyMTN Home Uncapped Fixed LTE Deals offers customers an unlimited data value. Deals include:   

  • Uncapped data at R499 for 10 Mbps with a FUP (Fair Usage Policy) of 400 GB  
  • Uncapped data at R699 for 20 Mbps with a FUP of 600 GB  
  • Uncapped data at R799 for 30 Mbps with a FUP of 700 GB 

These offers are subject to a Fair Usage Policy and when the usage policy limit is reached, the speed will be reduced to either 2 Mbps or 4 Mbps, depending on the price plan the customer has subscribed to. 

Customers who purchase any of the 24-month MyMTN Home Uncapped deals from 01 October until 31 December 2021 will receive a Fixed LTE Wi-Fi router for free. The alternative is to opt for a month-to-month payment option by either bringing a qualifying router or purchasing one upfront through any of our sales touchpoints.  

“We are excited to introduce MyMTN Home Uncapped Fixed LTE gives customers high-speed uncapped streaming, endless connectivity, and coverage with always-on reliability and a seamless start with a free WiFi Router,” says Megan Nicholas, General Manager for Residential at MTN SA. 

“MTN believes everyone deserves the benefits of a modern, connected life and through any of the MyMTN Home Fixed LTE deals, our customers will be connected to South Africa’s Bozza Network. MTN remains committed to exploring innovative and cost-effective ways of reducing the costs of communication and ensuring people and the homes in South Africa are connected on South Africa’s best network” concludes Nicholas. 


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