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One could be forgiven for thinking that Mobile World Congress is only focused on the latest and greatest smartphones that will appear in Barcelona next week. MWC is about much more that though, and deals with industry trends, as well as how the industry is evolving. The latter will be dealt with here, as we highlight four of the other happenings taking place at MWC 17 in a few days time. 

1. 4YFN (Four Years From Now) 

Think of 4YFN as a haven for aspiring start-ups. It serves as a meeting ground for an estimated 600 start-ups to engage with one another, potential investors and people in the industry with the right connections. 

Along with areas to showcase and interact with MWC attendees, 4YFN also arranges speakers to provide some added inspiration to start-ups. One of the speakers on show will be Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia. Furthermore, mentors will be at 4YFN to help guide start-ups on the next steps they need to take. For any fledgling start-up focused on mobile, 4FYN is where you need to be.  

2. Women4Tech

While the tech and mobile industries are on the bleeding edge in many areas, they are still sorely lacking when it comes to diversity. That's where Women4Tech aims to make a difference, as a programme designed to address and reduce the gender gap. 

The Women4Tech Summit takes place on 2 March, and will have a wide variety of speakers on hand to discuss hurdles facing the industry when it comes to gender, as well as their possible solutions. Women4 Tech tours will also be taking place throughout MWC, and will have specific categories at the Glomo Awards. 

3. Global Mobile Awards

Speaking of the Glomo Awards, it recognises some of the leading innovators in the world of mobile technology. From apps to automotive, and healthcare to payment solutions, there are six different categories in the Glomo's, all which will be awarded throughout MWC, starting on 27 February and ending on 2 March. 

If you want to keep tabs on up and comers in the mobile industry, or see the companies and people doing big things, the Glomo Awards should be eagerly watched.   


4. YoMo: Youth Mobile Festival

GSMA, the organisers of MWC, is trying to get more youngsters interested and involved in the world of tech. To that end, there's YoMo, a youth focused festival that places an emphasis on science and technology. Here you'll find intriguing uses for virtual reality headsets, technology-focused workshops and educational resources. 

Open to kids aged 10-16 years old from across the Barcelona and Catalonia regions, 20 000 children are expected to walk through YoMo's doors. For those aiming to showcase their solutions to a young and enthusiastic audience, YoMo is where it is at. 

We've got a busy schedule ahead of us for MWC 17, but visiting any one of these events is something we'll try to squeeze in. Follow us at @TechSmartMag and our other social media channels to stay in the loop. 


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